Agricover Group

Agricover Group has been active for almost 10 years on the local market with a business model which allows us to be the unique supplier of complete agricultural solutions, and a processing industry partner.

We are fully dedicated to agribusiness and therefore have built a Group of companies able to provide to farmers and the processing industry not only products, but also full services meant to ensure a modern and profitable agriculture.

Agricover Group aims to become the main partner for farmers and the processing industry and at the same time the most important supplier of agricultural integrated solutions in South-East Europe by:

  • An own and complete business model able to connect farmers, processors of cereals and oilseed products as well as the most important suppliers of agricultural products
  • Supplying integrated solutions/technological packages for farmers of a competitive price quality
  • Reaching new markets (Bulgaria, Serbia) and developing new and complementary businesses
  • Developing sustainable partnerships with farmers, from financing to the acquisition and capitalization of the harvest.
  • A professional, competitive and focused team, able to use the Group’s synergies to meet business partners’ expectations.
  • Developing strategic partnerships with market leaders in the processing of cereal and oilseed.

The integrated business model concerning agricultural products and services proves to be a strong model in challenging times. Business outcomes in 2010 prove that Agricover is a partner able to provide complete solutions to clients’ demands and, in the same time, guarantee supplier safety.

Agricover Group has over 650 employees all over the country and a turnover of €153 million in 2010.

Agricover – the South Eastern Europe dimension

The main goal of Agricover is to consolidate its business in Romania and to expand in South Eastern Europe, especially in Bulgaria and Serbia – regions with a high agricultural potential. Agricover is the supporter of sustainable agriculture and believes that success in this field is mainly based on professionalism, consistency and high-performing management.

Romania has a high agricultural potential, and past experience proved that it can attain high European appreciation.

Agricover trusts that history repeats itself…